Sunset Park Open Studios 2023 (SPOS) is an annual, multi-day arts celebration of exhibitions, events and open studios throughout Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Featuring hundreds of participating artists and art-spaces from across the neighborhood, SPOS is free and open to the public.  This year, SPOS will be held from Friday, October 13th through Sunday, October 15th, 2023. Throughout the weekend SPOS will welcome visitors to meet artists, curators and researchers from around the globe, and experience the beauty and diversity of the artistic process in both studio environments and institutional contexts alike.

Sunset Park Open Studios 2023 is presented by the following partnering organizations and individual supporters:  Art Cake, BioBAT Art Space, Context Space, Genspace, J&M Studios, John Avelluto, Makerspace NYC, NARS Foundation, Robert Melzmuf, Tabla Rasa Gallery, Thomas VanDyke Gallery & Yi Gallery.

Financial support for Sunset Park Open Studios 2023 has been provided in part by a number of generous sponsors. If you’d like more information about becoming a sponsor, please reach us via e-mail at SPWO2023@GMAIL.COM





(Ordered Geographically for North to South)

Tin Cup Cafe
719 4th Ave. (at 23rd St.)

Artist Stephanie Eche at the Tin Cup Cafe.

FRI (5-7PM) Opening Reception
SAT (12-5PM)
SUN (12-5PM)

Greenwood Cemetery
500 25th St.
Located in the Historic Chapel.

Brooklyn-based artist Cinthya Santos-Briones presents a large-scale community altar in honor of Día de los Muertos in the Historic Chapel at the Green-Wood Cemetery.

FRI (10-5PM)
SAT (10-5PM)
SUN (10-5PM)

148 26th St.
2nd Floor.

Open Studio with Artist Celeste Morton.

FRI (11-6PM)
SAT (11-6PM)
SUN (11-6PM)

107 27th St.

Admix Metal Shop featuring custom fabrications by Cameron Scott, Sung Joon Kim, Isaiah Ship, Matthew Gilbert, Jay Dean, Josh Dotson, Krysta Bayer.

SAT (1-5PM)
SUN (1-5PM)

132 32nd St.
Unit #108

Genspace invites you to come check out our community microbiology lab and meet our Creative Programs Coordinators, Clarinda Mac Low and Carolyn Hall, and our Lab Manager Casey Lardner! We will have interactive touch tables to experience the kind of creative art-meets-science projects our community engages in. Come learn about who we are and how you can satisfy your science-curious side through classes and programs Genspace offers year-round.


Court Tree Collective
51 35th St.
Industry City, BLD #5, #B236

Court Tree Collective presents Yool Kim. 

“Seoul-based outsider artist Yool Kim navigates ideas of identity and subconscious mind through mixed media artwork.”

FRI (12-6PM)
SAT (12-6PM)
SUN (12-6PM)

Yi Gallery
254 36th St.
Industry City, BLD #2, FL 6R
Buzzer Code 022

Yi Gallery is proud to present Eternal Current, a solo exhibition by Annesta Le. This new suite of neon and canvas work focuses on the symbolism of liquid and centers around the artist’s interest in the study of dreams. This marks the Brooklyn-based artist’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. With the opening event, we celebrate the gallery’s two years of full-time programming at our Industry City location.

FRI (12-6PM)
SAT (12-6PM)
SUN (12-6PM)

67 35th St.
Industry City, BLD #5, #B331, #B317

Artist Studios: Jeanette May, Adam Murray, Erin Juliana.

SAT (1-5PM)
SUN (1-5PM)

948 3rd Ave (at 36th St.)
2nd Floor.

Submerging: The CONTEXT Members’ Show. Artists: Amanda Bauer, Elizabeth Bentley, Gocha Tsindaze, Joshua Nierodzisnki, Caleb Nussear, Thiago Szmrecsányi.

FRI (5-9PM)
SAT (12-5PM)

Thomas VanDyke Gallery
434 39th St.

Exhibition: What Would Your Husband Think?
Friday - Champaign Preview (2-5PM)
Saturday - Opening Reception (5-7PM)
Sunday - Brunchening and artist talks (11-4)

Artists: Carol Scavotto, Zhen Guo

FRI (1-5PM)
SAT (1-8PM)
SUN (11AM-4PM)

Art Cake
214 40th St.

Opening Reception:
Current Resident Group Exhibition
October 13th (4-8 pm)

Please join us for the opening of an exhibition of new work by our current residents Melika Abikenari, Jim Condron, Billy Fleites, Ronald Hall, Kate Liebman, Christina Massey, Justin Natividad and Richard O’Russa.

We’re pleased to introduce the work of four new residents in this exhibition - Charity Baker and Scott Vandervoort join us in October, and Alyssa Klauer and Christina Massey arrived earlier this summer.

Open Studios:
2-5 PM Saturday, October 14th
2-5 PM Sunday, October 15th

FRI (4-8PM)
SAT (2-5PM)
SUN (2-5PM)

218 41st St.
Units #301, #303

Open Studios: Tim Clifford, Allison Berkoy, Jessica Nissen.

SAT (12-6PM)
SUN (12-6PM)

1 43rd St.
1st & 3rd Floor.

Open Studios: Deborah Simon, Con$umr, Pitch Black, Fatima Zaidi, Nooshin Rostami, Rebecca Miller.

FRI (4-8PM)
SAT (11AM-5PM)

250 44th St.
Multiple Units.

Marion Spencer, Jose Ortiz, Mollie Ruskin, John Jackson, Philip Falino, Jeffrey Kurland, Lauren Pray, John Ott, Peter Favilla.

Open Studios:


J&M Studios
201 46th St.
2nd Floor.

Open Studios Featuring: Alec Dylan Burns, Amanda Leung, Andrew Schwartz, Anzia Anderson, Braden Bandel, Carole d'Inverno, Daina Higgins, Derek Buckner, Douglas Paisley, Efrat Kussell, Eun Young Choi, Fred Fleisher, Indiana Hoover, Jahyun Seo, Jasmine Espinal, Jean Auguste Alix, Jeremiah Teipen, Joseph Bochetto Walsh, Judy Giera, Julia Elsas, Julie Peppito, Kalya O'Donoghue, Katerina Pansera, Katherine Kisa, Louis Watts, Lucy Nordlinger, Margot Werner, Mari Renwick, Marie Gagnon, Mary McIntyre, Matt Ro, Miranda Norris, Naomi Nakazato, Niamul Bari, Nikolina Kovalenko, Patricia Orpilla, Peter Walsh, Rachael McArthur, Rachel Moldauer, Richard F. Kessler, Richard Rosenblatt, Robert Melzmuf, Sarah Gratz, Sophia Chizuco, Tim Norris, Umber Majeed, Veronika Golova, Vivek Sebastian, Weston Frazor, Woolpunk, Yasmeen Abdallah.

FRI (6-9PM)
SAT (1-5PM)
SUN (1-5PM)

NARS Foundation
201 46th St.
4th Floor.

Artists-in-Residence: Ravi Avasti, Sue Beyer, Jake Couri, Pauline Dumas & Maxime Bagni, Juyon Lee, Lauren Pirie, Sophie Sabet, Tülay Schakir, wei, Ye'ela Wilschanski, Zhuyan Ye, Chi Zhang.

FRI (6-9PM)
SAT (1-5PM)
SUN (1-5PM)

NARS Special Programming:

Opening Reception for 'Enmeshed, Dreams of Water' curated by Bianca Abdi-Boragi, Katherine Adams, and Anna Mikaela Ekstrand, featuring works by Keren Anavy, Sanie Bokharie, Magdalena Dukiewicz, Carlos Franco, Kathie Halfin, Bonam Kim, Umber Majeed, Jamie Martinez, Jonathan Ojekunle, Sa’dia Rehman, Leila Seyedzadeh, and Masha Vlasova. as part of 'The Immigrant Artist Biennial 2023: Contact Zone.'
FRI (6PM) in the Main Gallery.

NARS Special Programming:

Opening Reception for  'Assuming the Body' – a solo exhibition by NARS Alumni Sarah Davidson.
FRI (6PM) in the Project Space.

Tabla Rasa Gallery
224 48th St.
2nd Floor.

Literal and Figurative exhibition on view.  Opening reception Friday, October 13th (5:30-7PM).

Open Studios throughout the weekend.

HOLIDAY BOOK SIGNING EVENT, Sunday October 15th (2-4PM) with artist’s Tom Bennett, Sylvia Sleigh, Stephen Basso, Ricky Burrows, Joseph Anastasi, Jenny Toth, Janet Morgan, Giustina Surbone, Gregory Frux, Daniel Genova, C. Dimitri, Anne Kornfeld, Anika Archip.

FRI (6-8PM)
SAT (1-5PM)
SUN (1-5PM)

169 54th St.
Units #205, #316

Open Studios Featuring: Iliana Emilia Garcia, Rachael Scharf, Sasha Santer Hill, Audrey Le, Mitu Haq.

SAT (1-5PM)
SUN (1-5PM)

Makerspace NYC
140 58th St.
Brooklyn Army Terminal, BLD A, Unit 5N-1

Open Studios featuring various Makerspace NYC Studio Artists.

SAT (1-5PM)
SUN (1-5PM)

BioBAT Art Space
140 58th St.
Brooklyn Army Terminal, BLD A
Main Entrance Located on the Waterfront.

Curators: Elena Soterakis and Eve Barro present: Aradhita Ajaykumar Parasrampuria, Katie Hubbell, Elaine Young, Karen Ingram, Laura Kung, Juyon Lee, LoLo Oteria, John Roach, Iz Nettere, Shihori Yamamoto.

SAT (1-5PM)
SUN (1-5PM)

140 58th St.
Brooklyn Army Terminal, BLD B, 7th Floor

Various Open Studios with Ella Wearing, JB Morton, Julia Rooney, Esther K Smith, Dikko Faust, Ianthe Jackson, Mike Estabrook, Vandana Jain, Matt Rubendall, Nino Tsiklauri, Oscar Lopez.

SAT (1-5PM)
SUN (1-5PM)

Chashama Studios
140 58th St. 
Brooklyn Army Terminal, BLD A, Unit 3J
Brooklyn Army Terminal, BLD B, Unit 4i

Come explore the studios of 100 local artists at the iconic Brooklyn Army Terminal. Meet the artists, purchase original pieces, and get inspired with Chashama!

SAT (1-5PM)
SUN (1-5PM)

Target Margin Theater
232 52nd St.

Target Margin will be workshopping new material for our upcoming production. Guests are invited to our open rehearsals on October 14 and 15 from 3pm to 4pm for a glimpse into the work. 

Artistic Director David Herskovits will be leading an ensemble of Target Margin actors in the workshop.

SAT (3-4PM)
SUN (3-4PM)

Brooklyn Made Store / Corner Gallery
51 35th St.
Industry City, Ground Floor

The Brooklyn Made Store / Corner Gallery, brought to you by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, represents the rich diversity of “Brooklyn,” as represented by art, products and brands that have been conceived and made here.

Our walls will be filled with the art of Al Díaz, best known for his friendship with Jean-Michel Basquiat and collaboration on SAMO©…, a well-known graffiti project appearing in lower Manhattan from 1978 to 1980. The tag and text slogans became known quickly on the streets and in the local newspaper media because of their wit and sardonic humor. Since Basquiat’s rise to fame, the SAMO©… legend has become a globally recognized graffito and has been celebrated as cutting social commentary throughout contemporary art history.


FRI (11AM-9PM)
SAT (11AM-9PM)
SUN (11AM-7PM)